Q. What are the Best Tungsten Electrodes for Welding

A. Wolfram Tungsten Electrodes are the Best Tungsten Electrodes in the World.

All DGP tungsten electrode varieties are high-quality tungsten that come with material certifications and MSDS sheets to prove it. We proudly stand behind all our tungsten and have confidence in every piece of tungsten that we offer to our thousands of welding customers and partners. Of all the tungsten that we sell, it is our Wolfram Tungsten Electrodes – made available by our exclusive partnership with Wolfram Industrie in Germany – that we consider the cream of the crop.

Wolfram is widely regarded as the top quality manufacturer of tungsten products and we proudly state with no exaggeration that Wolfram tungsten electrodes are the best tungsten electrodes that you can buy. Wolfram tungsten are held to the most stringent of standards and provide the best performance of any tungsten electrode available today. That is why you only see Wolfram tungsten offered at what can be considered a “premium price” for welding electrodes. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is 100% true in this case. We know that if you try Wolfram tungsten electrodes though, you’ll find that they are worth every penny and then some.

Wolfram Tungsten Electrodes Offer:

– Reliable arc-striking
– Low burn-off rate
– Highest quality of arc
– 35% less power consumption
– 40% prolonged service life
– 50% less set-up costs
– 50% less gas consumption
– 100% reproducible results

These are the Wolfram brand tungsten available to buy from stock from Diamond ground Products. Don’t just take our word for it, get a FREE sample of high performance Wolfram Tungsten today and see why we claim they are the best tungsten electrodes available!

To see pricing, sizes avilable and other technical specifications, simply click on a Wolfram Tungsten variety below!
2% Thoriated Wolfram Welding Electrodes4% Thoriated Wolfram Welding ElectrodesPure Wolfram Tungsten Electrodes Tri Mix Wolfram Welding Electrodes.8% Zirconiated Wolfram Welding Electrodes1.5% Lanthanated Wolfram Welding Electrodes2% Lanthanated Wolfram Welding Electrodes2% Ceriated Wolfram Welding Electrodes



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