Wolfram Tungsten Electrodes The Best Tungsten for Welding

Wolfram Tungsten is an Ideal Alternative to Discontinued Sylvania Tungsten

Newbury Park, CA – Diamond Ground Products has offered the highest quality tungsten as supplied by Wolfram Industries since 1992.   Sylvania / Global Tungsten and Powders has decided that for a number of reasons, they will halt production of all tungsten wire and wire related products in December 2012. While many see this as a hard hit on their …

Premium Tungsten Electrodes – Buy Now

Diamond Ground Products has expanded its website with an all new Tungsten section. Users can now purchase Tungsten electrodes quickly and easily online. BUY NOW

Piranha II & III Collet Upgrade Kits

Our new Piranha collet upgrade kits can be used on your older model Piranha tungsten grinder to enable you to grind tungsten as short as .75” (19.05mm). The process and directions are simple. For more information, contact: Diamond Ground Products 2651 Lavery Court • Newbury Park, CA 91320 Ph: (805) 498-3837 Fax (805) 498-9347 E-mail: sales@diamondground.com Website: dev.diamondground.com

Replacement Grinder Wheels

Replacement Tungsten Grinder Wheels – Diamond Ground Products

Newbury Park, CA – The “Tungsten Electrode Experts” at Diamond Ground Products have been the industry leader in pre-ground tungsten electrodes and tungsten electrode grinders for over 17 years! Now, DGP offers a complete line of high-quality, low-cost replacement diamond grinding wheels for nearly any tungsten electrode grinder on the market. DGP grinding wheels are in-stock, and ready to ship …

Tri Mix Tungsten Electrodes Alternative to 2% Thoriated Tungsten

Tri-Mix Tungsten Proven To Last Longest

Newbury Park, CA – Diamond Ground Products has been offering Tri-Mix Tungsten – a scientifically balanced blend of three oxides in one multi-purpose tungsten – for a decade. However, despite their claims of “longest-life possible”, it has never been proven…until now. A recent study by students at the Conestoga College Welding Engineering program in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada pitted Tri-Mix tungsten …

Tungsten Fabrication & Machining

The Tungsten-Copper Fabrication Experts

Newbury Park, CA– For over a decade, the “Tungsten Electrode Experts” at DGP have led the welding industry in the precise manufacture of tungsten electrodes. However, DGP is also an expert in the field of fabricating and machining tungsten-copper. With their state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, DGP offers unmatched quality and capability at the lowest prices. DGP provides precise and …

Quality Replacement Cleaver Blades

Quality Replacement Cleaver Blades Increase Productivity

Newbury Park, CA (PR WEB) – The “Tungsten Electrode Experts” at Diamond Ground Products are now proud to offer replacement fusion electrodes for the following manufactures*: Alcoa Fujikura® Sumitomo® Fitel® Diamond Ground Products replacement cleaver blades last just as long as the original equipment parts they replace but for half the price. Each cleaver blade is manufactured to exceed the …