Has 2% Thoriated Tungsten Been Discontinued?

To make a long story short no.

Thoriated tungsten is readily available from many companies including DGP. Thoriated tungsten has been in the news a lot over the past few months, in some cases, for all the wrong reasons. You’ve probably seen our ads in Welding Journal and The Fabricator making it clear that Thoriated tungsten is not going anywhere. Anybody telling you anything different is not telling the truth. Plain & simple. We’ve been “The Tungsten Electrode Experts” since 1992 and we didn’t get there by telling stories for the benefit of our marketing or bank accounts.

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2% Thoriate Tungsten's performance has made it the industry standard for decades.

We remember being the first to report on the fact that Thorium is a radioactive element when some fears went through the welding industry. Today, those fears have lessened and as one great welding blog pointed out, “unless you’re snorting it, you probably wouldn’t get enough into your body to cause problems.”

We have Thoriated electrodes in stock ready to ship. We have for as long as we can remember and plan to offer it moving forward.

DGP 2% Thoriated Tungsten

What's your Best Choice to Replace 2% Thoriated Tungsten?

If you are interested in the best alternative to Thoriated tungsten, call us for a FREE sample of Tri-Mix™ tungsten. Tri-Mix is a blend of 3 rare earth tungstens and has been proven to outperform Thoriated tungsten in most welding applications. We have offered it for over 15 years and will gladly put it up against E3® Tungsten or any other tungsten on the market that claims to be the best alternative to Thoriated tungsten. Call DGP today so we can discuss your tungsten electrode needs and offer you the best solution for whatever welding goals you may have. Free samples are always available and we welcome the opportunity to prove that Tri-Mix is your best choice to replace 2% Thoriated.
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