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What brands of tungsten electrodes does Diamond Ground Products offer?

Diamond Ground Products has 3 major suppliers of quality tungsten:

  • DGP Brand – Our standard brand of quality tungsten made in China
  • Plansee® – A premium brand made in Austria
  • Wolfram Industries® – A premium brand made in Germany

You have Standard-line and Premium-line tungsten options. What is the difference?

We proudly stand behind every piece of tungsten that we sell. That being said, our “Standard-line” DGP brand is of Chinese origin. Make no mistake, it is still a high-quality tungsten that has gone through additional steps of quality control compared to most of the lower quality Chinese tungsten on the market.

Our “Premium-line” options are Plansee brand of Austrian origin and Wolfram Industrie brand of German origin. These electrodes are held to the most stringent of standards and are highly recommended for use in critical welding applications such as nuclear, aerospace and defense. Diamond Ground Products has worked diligently to introduce Wolfram Industrie tungsten to the welding market for over 25 years and now we are doing the same with Plansee tungsten.

The benefits of premium tungsten?

  • Reliable arc-striking
  • Low burn-off rate
  • Highest quality of arc
  • 35% less power consumption
  • 40% prolonged service life
  • 50% less set-up costs
  • 50% less gas consumption
  • 100% reproducible results

What is E3 Tungsten?

E3 is a tungsten that is a blend of three non-radioactive oxides which we believe is an attempted copy of the popular Tri-Mix we introduced many years ago. The people behind it created a big marketing campaign claiming 2% Thoriated was going away and touted E3 as its replacement. For this reason we do not carry E3 but we do offer our own Tri-Mix and we also have 2% Thoriated with no end in sight for those who stand by it.

Is 2% Thoriated Tungsten being discontinued as some competitive manufacturers claim?

No, 2% Thoriated Tungsten is still being produced and is still the most used tungsten on the planet. Diamond Ground Products is one of the largest suppliers of Thoriated tungsten in the U.S.

Does Diamond Ground Products tungsten come with material certifications?

We do have material certifications and safety data sheets (SDS) available for the tungsten we carry. Due to the large volume of tungsten we sell, we can only guarantee lot traceability and provide certifications when requested at the time of purchase. We believe transparency in this regard is one of the many ways in which we earn a customer’s trust.

What makes Diamond Ground products pre-ground Tungsten Electrodes different from other providers?

Quality & experience. DGP professionally CNC grinds our tungsten to the strictest tolerances on the finest equipment in the industry. Furthermore, DGP was founded in 1992 to specialize in tungsten & tungsten preparation.
We provide the highest quality tungsten electrodes at a fair price and offer decades of experience in the subject matter when you need it.

We provide the highest quality tungsten electrodes at a fair price and offer decades of experience in the subject matter when you need it.

Is Multi-Strike® or similar tungsten marketed as “non-thoriated tungsten” the same as Diamond Ground Products Tri-Mix® Tungsten?

No, while Tri-Mix is a hybrid tungsten (mixture of 2 or more oxides), there are many different hybrid tungsten on the market with different combinations of oxides. Most are subpar in quality and many have tried to copy Tri-Mix but they are not Tri-Mix.

If you’re ever not sure what you are buying or where it is coming from, simply ask for material certifications. If the company won’t give you them, you may want to avoid them.


Where are Diamond Ground Products grinders made?

We have designed and built our tungsten grinders at our factory in Newbury Park, California since 1992. Since we are the manufacturer we are in complete control of their quality and continued innovation. This also ensures that spare parts and domestic support are little more than a phone call away.

How do the hand-held grinders compare to Diamond Ground Products grinders?

Most hand-held grinders on the market are good as disposable “hobby” type grinders. Diamond Ground Products grinders are professional quality and designed for continuous use in professional environments.

Does Diamond Ground Products take trade-ins in exchange for DGP grinders?

Yes, if you have a grinder you are not happy with – whether it is running or not – give us a call for a no-obligation quote.

How do you know which Diamond Ground Products grinder is right for you?

Each grinder page on our site has a link to a “Compare Tungsten Grinders” overlay that will show you grinder differences in regard to features and benefits. However, the best way to figure out what is the best grinder for you is to simply give us a call. We’ll listen to your needs & your budget, and offer you the right grinder based on our expertise. Furthermore, we won’t sell you anything more than you need. If you can get by with a hand-held model, we’ll let you know before you ever have to tell us.

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