Pre Ground and Re Ground Tungsten Electrodes

  • Stinger Disposable Tungsten Electrodes

    Stinger Tungsten Welding Electrodes | Diamond Ground Products

    Stinger Disposable Tungsten Welding Electrodes Newbury Park, CA – Diamond Ground Products is proud to offer Stinger disposable welding electrodes. Stinger tungsten electrodes from Diamond Ground products are high-quality disposable tungsten electrodes for mechanical or manual welding applications. They are CNC ground to a “one size fits all” specification so they are in-stock and ready-to-ship …

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  • Free Sample Pre-Ground Tungsten Welding Electrodes

    Tungsten Electrodes Available For Free For A Limited Time

    Newbury Park, CA (PR WEB)  — Diamond Ground Products specializes in one of the most important and frequently overlooked welding process variables: the electrode. Now, for a limited time, they are offering free samples on their website at no cost, but only for a limited time. Welders can spend thousands of dollars on welding equipment, …

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