Orbital Welding Electrodes

Orbital welding systems give welders the ability to produce high-quality and consistent welds at speeds that far surpasses anything that can be done by a manual welder. The benefits do not stop there:

Productivity – A professional orbital welding system will produce precision welds at a rate unmatched by other welding methods, especially manual welding.

Quality – Once dialed in with a proper weld program, orbital welding systems provide the ability to make repeatable welds to the strictest of tolerances with little more than the push of a button.

Skill – Orbital welding systems allow operators with lesser experience to create welds that were once limited to the most skilled welders in the industry. This includes also applications where space may be limited or rotating / moving the tube is not possible.

However, all these advantages are lost if the smallest part of the equation is not given proper attention: the orbital welding electrodes. Diamond Ground Products Advanced C.N.C. grinding & polishing machines offer you the highest quality orbital welding electrodes at the lowest possible price. DGP manufactures their pre-ground orbital welding electrodes exclusively with premium Wolfram Tungsten. This is the best tungsten in the industry. Our orbital welding electrodes meet and exceed all orbital MFG electrode tolerance specifications.

Contact Diamond Ground Products today and let’s discuss your orbital welding applications and how they can benefit from implementing the best tungsten electrodes available in the welding industry. We can even send you a few samples to try to prove that our orbital welding electrodes will change the quality and consistency of every orbital weld you make.

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