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Thermal Dynamics Plasma Torches

Diamond Ground Products replacement Thermal Dynamics plasma torches, spare parts and plasma welding accessories last just as long as the original equipment plasma welding parts they replace, but at a substantial cost savings of 30%-60% when compared to OEM list prices. Your company can save money while allowing you to not compromise on your plasma welding quality and that’s something that everybody can agree on.

Diamond Ground Products carries a complete line of plasma gas shields, plasma welding tips, gas distributors, gaskets, gas diffusers, plasma torch heads, o-rings, collets, plasma electrodes and back caps for plasma torch heads. These plasma welding accessories are all in stock and are available for immediate same day shipment to you. Call Diamond Ground today and we’ll prove that we offer the best value in Thermal Dynamics plasma torches & plasma welding accessories.


 Thermal Dynamics® is a Registered Trademark of Thermal Dynamics Corp.