Re-Ground Tungsten Electrode Service

Re-Ground Tungsten Electrode Service

Diamond Ground Products produces the highest quality pre-ground tungsten electrodes on the market. We also are able to take your used tungsten electrodes and re-grind them to the exact same tolerances which we start from scratch. We call this our Re-Ground Tungsten Electrode Service. Send us your spent tungsten welding electrodes and DGP will regrind them to meet or exceed the tolerances and finish required. Re-ground tungsten electrodes save you time and money and are available in 3 days or less turn around.

Receive your spent tungsten electrodes.

Inspect & inventory your spent tungsten electrodes.

Internally submit production instructions.

Diamond cut off spent electrode tips.

CNC re-grind new electrode tips.

Inspect first article to specifications.

Run the lot inspecting every part.

Ultra Sonically clean electrodes.

Correctly package & ship your re-ground electrodes.

Replace re-grounds too short to re-grind with new electrodes.

It’s easy to start, contact us for more information

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