Cryogenically treated thoriated tungsten which provides a more dense structure of the thoriated tungsten blend. Easier starting as compared to standard 2% Thoriated tungsten. Results include easier arc starts as well as extended tungsten life.

Cryo-T is available in Standard only.

Choose from the following sizes:
.040″  | 1/16″ | 3/32″ | 1/8″ | 5/32″ | 3/16″ | 1/4″

The benefits of Premium tungsten?

  • Reliable arc-striking
  • Low burn-off rate
  • Highest quality of arc
  • 35% less power consumption
  • 40% prolonged service life
  • 50% less set-up costs
  • 50% less gas consumption
  • 100% reproducible results

Tungsten FAQs


All tungsten is packaged 10 pieces of 7″ and priced per box.
Special diameters and lengths available, please contact sales for inquiries.
Prices as of 6-17-2011 and subject to change without notice.

Tungsten FAQs

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