Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrodes

Diamond Ground Products (DGP) specializes in pre-ground tungsten electrodes for all welding applications and disciplines. That is why we’ve been known as “The Tungsten Electrode Experts” since we opened our doors in 1992. Everything we do begins and ends with this important variable in mind and it is that focus that makes us the industry leader in tungsten electrodes and tungsten electrode preparation.  Diamond Ground Products electrodes are manufactured to the strictest tolerances on precision CNC grinding machines with advanced programming and CAD CAM capability. Our tungsten welding electrodes are designed to maximize the productivity of welders, keeping them welding and not spending their valuable time grinding tungsten. The quality of our tungsten also helps ensure high-quality and consistent welds that limit errors and scrap unlike any other tungsten on the market. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Diamond Ground Products produces the highest quality tungsten electrodes at the most reasonable prices available on the market today.
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