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Piranha III Tungsten Electrode Grinder

The Piranha III tungsten electrode grinder continues to be the best tungsten electrode grinder on the market. It is easy to set up and operate and is a safe alternative to a standard bench grinder or the low-quality tungsten electrode grinders on the market. This makes the Piranha II tungsten electrode grinder an ideal option for consistently precision grinding tungsten electrodes for a variety of welding applications.

The Piranha III was designed for maximum commercial use. It features a universal collet which will grind from .040″ (1.0mm) to 3/16″ (4.8mm) and as short as 1.75” (44.5mm) and taper angles from 10˚ – 60˚. The construction of the Piranha III tungsten electrode grinder unit is aluminum, very sturdy and user-friendly. The Piranha III unit is also fully enclosed with a 100% containment of excess tungsten electrode dust. It is also available as a stand alone unit or can be equipped with a vacuum and vacuum cabinet for additional dust extraction & safety.

Safety – Enclosed grinding area captures tungsten dust for easy disposal and user safety.
Weld Quality – 20 Ra surface finish improves tungsten life, arc starting, arc stability & produces consistent weld penetration.
Productivity – Correctly & consistently diamond grind your tungsten Electrode (up to 3/16”) longitudinally in less than 30 seconds.
Value – Diamond grinds, flats & cuts your tungsten electrodes economically.

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