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Stinger Disposable Tungsten Welding Electrodes

Stinger tungsten electrodes from Diamond Ground Products are high-quality disposable tungsten welding electrodes for mechanical or manual welding applications.

Stinger electrodes are precision CNC ground to a “one size fits all” specification so they are consistent within the strictest of tolerances. Just as important, they are in-stock and ready-to-ship same day to DGP customers. These premium tungsten welding electrodes provide optimal weld quality and productivity while keeping you welding and not wasting time grinding inferior quality electrodes by hand!

Stinger tungsten welding electrodes are available in all tungsten varieties carried by DGP. These include Tri-Mix tungsten, Cryo-T tungsten, pure tungsten, lanthanated tungsten, ceriated tungsten zirconiated tungsten & thoriated tungsten.

You can order any of these tungsten electrode varieties from stock today or call us for a free sample so you can see first hand the benefits of Stinger tungsten welding electrodes on your teams’ productivity and quality.

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